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soft skin in the back of your biceps that people touch and squeeze to get pachi power
"It's fun to grab someone else's pachi!"
by karenshii&beffa May 05, 2009
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Pachi: (Pa-chee), Term of affection, for a woman with a soft small belly.
Sosse has a, and is a Pachi.
by StoriedLeaf April 28, 2010
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One of the coolest persons you can meet, too funneh for words, with the list of endless bands you've never herd of but are still cooler than you, hit him up if your ever bored hahaahh
P1: Hahah, have you talked to pachi lately?

P2: Hahahah, nah but I herd he ran out on his family last night and blew up some super market
by CHIKACHIKACHIKA BUU August 11, 2008
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