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a horrible way to pronounce a normal word.
kaylie isnt funneh but i love her
by tonythegreatonenoeone April 29, 2007
The way keyboard warriors say funny.
1st guy: omfg that r liek soo funneh

2nd gey: nar it r not that funnah
by AgileBeast November 25, 2009
Slang term for funny. Usually only used on 'teh' internet.
omg tat was liek sooo funneh! lolllzz!!!11~~
by goldemar September 22, 2004
the way lolcats say funny!
my kung fu is better then urs... u NOT funneh
by babyNCIS March 18, 2011
A (sarcastic) version of "funny". Often used to mock others or oneself.
A bad joke can be responded to with: omg! teh funneh!!!!!1!
by PhastPhrog May 16, 2005