The Godafther of Metal, has worked with possibly the most talented guitarist's in the history of metal, such as, Tony Iommi(Iron Man, Paranoid, NIB) Randy Rhoads(Crazy Train, Goodbye to Romance, Mr. Crowley) and Zakk Wylde(No more Tears, SIN, Mama Im comin Home) \m/ Rock the Fuck on Man. BLEED BLACK LABEL
by FROM OHIO August 09, 2005
The God of rock, founder of Ozzfest

also a dog that likes to eat manatee stuffed animals
whoa look at that guy rock the stage!!! he is sooo Ozzy

AHHH!!! what are you doing !!! you ate my girlfriends MANATEE!!!!!!!
by Sarah April 06, 2005
If you need help, he is always there. He will make you laugh and always put a smile on your face.
No matter what you do, or how you act, he will always love you. Prepare to be jealous when another girl starts to fall for him, because he is charming like that. But if he is committed to you, he will stay by your side forever.
No one knows you like he does, because he will take the time to know you. To ask questions. To care about you.
Be regretful when he is gone, because there will never be another guy like him. Ever.
He won't judge, or jump to conclusions, but he is human and will get defensive just like anyone else.
He is an amazing, loyal, energetic friend and lover.
He has the best taste in music.
Jimmy: So you going to Warped Tour this year?
Timmy: Hell yeah, man! I'm taking Ozzy!


Jill: OMG! Who is THAT? He's so AWESOME!
Tammy: That's Ozzy...
by SpamForSuckers August 22, 2010
the godfather of all metal
yo, man, did u c Ozzy's concert last nite? It fuckin rocked!!!
by Anonymous September 01, 2002
Proof that an old drunken druggie can still become rich, famous, and have everything in life.

An inspiration to us all.

Also an incredibly amazing singer, both as a solo artist and with Black Sabbath, the most important band since The Beatles.
Ozzy is, quite simply, God.
by Joe Kuehn January 16, 2007
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