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The original frontman for heavy metal's greatest band: BLACK SABBATH!

Usually known to the youth as "that stoner dude" or "one braindead mofo".

Most of today's youth are a huge fan of him or Sabbath, because...he kicks fuckin' ass.

He totally revolutionized Heavy Metal, with the help of Tony Immoi, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward..and who can forget Randy Rhoads?
All Aboard The Crazy Train!

by SuperSonicX August 28, 2004
Greatest singer in the history of metal. Former lead vocalist of Black Sabbath, but also one hell of a great solo artist. Indestructable- You cannot kill this man. See immortal. Recently, he aquirred a new following of stupid pre-teen fans who couldn't name an Ozzy Osbourne song to save a life. This army of shit-eating children was brought on by the commencement of his television show, The Osbournes which is really more about his bitchy children than himself. Also see God.
"Ozzy is the godfather of heavy metal, and rocks more than any other band could ever hope to rock."
by Raewyn June 14, 2004
John 'Ozzy' Osbourne -

--1. Prince Of Darkness

--2. Black Sabbath Lead Vocals

--3. Everyone's Favorite Druggie

Ozzy osbourne is known widely for snorting ants, and biting the heads off of doves and a bat, and trying to kill his wife, Sharon, multiple times. This man is one of the most widely known celeberty.
"Of All The Things I've Lost, I Miss My Mind The Most."
by Swatkowski November 22, 2003
The spirit of metal made flesh. OK so he might have snorted a tad too much coke, and smoked a bit too much weed. Oh and he had a bit of a drinking problem. But really, he just rules.
Ozzy Osbourne changed my life... if ity wasn't for his band I never would have learned guitar - and then I would never have got a girlfriend. ;)
by a guy who knows February 27, 2004
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