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Someone you don't wanna fuck with, Also the awesome way to spell Darren/Darrin
"Woah! check it out there's 30 guys outside tryin to mess with Darin!"
"Oh man! they don't stand a chance!"
by DarinOfCourse September 18, 2007
a pimp by blood, not relation
darin dominates all others
by mikro August 13, 2004
a grown ass man
The darin like man beat up over twenty men in the bar brawl at Scooter's pub.
by Darin Radatz March 12, 2003
An all around pimp and tough guy. Gets the most girls, but isn't a player: although tough on the outside, he has a heart of a lion on the inside, and is caring. Watch him steal ur girl at da club.
"Man fuck Pick up artists, all you need to hang around is Darin. Kid gets more ass than a toilet seat."
by JSmooth160 May 18, 2010
the coolest guy in the universe who is so awesome

Only those who have the awesome powers can be named 'Darin'
Dad: "Lets name our son Darin!"

Mom: "But hes not awesome enough to have such a great, cool name."
by Italian stallion 19 May 20, 2013
1. Tough guy
2. One who can't finish watching the movie congo becuase he cries
1. I am a Darin
2. Dont watch congo, you'll pull a Darin
by Kathy S. April 29, 2003
A man who receives very little action, if any, who also plays a lot of video games. Also, is often caught jerking it because of his middle school amount of action.
Darin, you ever gonna get off of Warcraft and come to the bars with us.
by B+R+A June 03, 2009
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