1)Use to sing for Black Sabbath was replaced by metal's God Dio. Did not sing Heaven and Hell That was Dio

2)Only person alive to do more drugs than Keath Richards
wow man i dont want to get fired like ozzy!
by MetalBard June 11, 2004
It is a guy who is a fag boy and he doesnt know how to drive worth a shit and eats pussy and says it taste like candy.
That guy is a big fat piece of shit ozzy boy. No body wants to be a ozzy.
by Mr.B and Lil Ray April 20, 2005
sell out
complete fucking sell out anyone who gets a show were people go around being ignorant is stupid so therfor he is stupid and a sell out.!!!!!but some of his music is good but he has acid to thank for that, mind you most musicians do
by guevara April 19, 2004
The least singer of Black Sabbath, quite possibly the third greatest band in the Universe ever, though he often takes the spotlight while the other three never get noticed. Which is a shame, because they rock. He also wears Addidas trousers, though I guess judging people for wearing a certain brand is just as band as judging people for NOT wearing a certain band, so I won't comment on that.
Ozzy is a damn fine singer, but Iommi is the brains of the band.
by sp0rkius February 29, 2004
The definition of sexy. Every girl in the world wants to be with this stud. Has a huge Heart and an even bigger penis!
Girl: "Who's that stud muffin? "
Other Girl: "he's an Ozzy. He has a big heart and even bigger penis!"
by YoloNoSwag March 21, 2016

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