A region of South San Diego, and also a gang. Their sign consists of creating an "O" with both hands and holding it above your stomach.
I wouldn't mess with those fools, they're from Otay
by kams March 27, 2005
Top Definition
From "The Little Rascals" movies. Buckwheat always mispronounced "okay" and said "otay".

Spanky: "Hey, Buckwheat! Hold this for me."

Buckwheat: "Otay."
by OD December 05, 2002
A blue collar neighborhood located in southwest Chula Vista, California. The community of Otay was incorporated into the city of Chula Vista in the mid 1980's-which explains why the neighborhoods gangs (Varrio Loco Otay, River Bottom Locos, and Rasta Locos) claim South San Diego instead of Chula Vista. Otay is one of the oldest Barrios in San Diego County.
Everybody knows that vatos from Otay, and vatos from Varrio Chula Vista, don't get along.
by Yardstick April 01, 2006
another word for okay

originating from the little rascals
Q: do you want something to drink?
A: otay!
by kayla5748 May 30, 2007
A different way of saying 'Okay'. You will most likely make someone very mad if you use it often.
"Otay, I will eat that cookie. Otay, I can do your homework. Otay, I wil-"
(gets shot)
by Icecap October 24, 2003
a thing that stupid girls say when they think they're being cute in saying it
"hey get me a fork"


by MBZ November 03, 2003
1. One thing about you, describing one thing about someone
1. 'Like my status for an otay'-joey
2. 'O.T.A.Y ?👌😘'- angie
by jumpboy23 November 21, 2015
A variation on the word Okay, like o teh
Used by Jon Stewart, on The Daily Show on october 8, 2007; when he criticises the narrow definition for torture of the American government
"using sleep deprivation on prisoners is... O-TAY!"

"using simulated drowning on prisoners is... O-TAY!"
by YB_Mitch October 10, 2007
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