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From "The Little Rascals" movies. Buckwheat always mispronounced "okay" and said "otay".

Spanky: "Hey, Buckwheat! Hold this for me."

Buckwheat: "Otay."
by OD December 05, 2002
The drug speed.
Dude find me some of that pink whipper and a note I can roll...
by od April 22, 2003
usually a name given by gang-banging jail inmates to tiny inmates made into their bitches
Big John calls Little Joe-Joe the cross-dressing faggot "sweet cheeks". Joe-Joe is such a bitch!
by OD July 01, 2004
The amount of pot you put in the conepiece (thing you put the pot in to smoke it) when you smoke it.

I think this is a bowl in American slang.
After about 4 or 5 cones I just can't be fucked going outside.
by od April 22, 2003
formed from two words, front and ass, the frass is the bulge in the front side of a person opposite the ass. Most commonly found it ridiculously fat people
Look at the Frass on that behemoth. She needs horns going off when she walks forward as well as back.
by OD August 26, 2003
Whizz or whipper is the drug speed.
This shit is fucking crazy whizz / I'm whizzing like fuck!
by od April 22, 2003

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