synonym of ok
Otay. I'll be right over
by Bungalow Bill September 21, 2002
a word like okay usually refering to pickles
Lumpy: hey wanna trade pickles?
Buckweed: otay!
by jess April 13, 2004
Otay means pretty much ok
Hey come over here.
Otay Lachlan
by Camboronie June 19, 2005
The Oriental phrase for "Okay."
Otay mom I will go to bed as soon as I start my big project that is due tomorrow.
by InedibleBird March 03, 2003
Shorter slang for getting across the point of something being 'off the hook', 'off the chain', 'off the wall', 'awesome', 'quality', 'the shiznit' etc.
Tyrone: 'Damn, that shit was otay'
by Purge June 03, 2007
a stupid kid named shane who wont give his friend john his cpu game(shogun total war) back after borrowing it a year and a half
John: shane give me my game back
Shane: Otay maybe later
John: faggot ass pounder
by not john October 16, 2004
Also pronounced 'O-tie' (n)

A small mountain in San Diego, California.. Elev: 3572ft.
Lets Drive up to Otay.
by Nancy November 23, 2003

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