meaning "ok" but saying it "cutely"
Friend : wanna go out later?
you: otays :]
by MzDeviouZz February 05, 2004
The word "Otay" is derived from the Diegueno Indian word "Otai" and means "brushy"

California Place Names 3rd Edition
PG. 232
Otay River,Valley,Mesa,Mountain,Reservoirs
by Oh-te-ah-igriega October 21, 2008
A absurd and extremely stupid word that has been derived by a weird and slightly sad girl which should cheer the fuck up and get over her selfish self.
Person: Are you fine?
Self Absorbed Girl: Otay
by OtayOtay May 22, 2011
A region of South San Diego, and also a gang. Their sign consists of creating an "O" with both hands and holding it above your stomach.
I wouldn't mess with those fools, they're from Otay
by kams March 27, 2005
A word girls use when they do not like what you just said.
Guy: "I'm going to have to re-schedule."
Girl: "Otay."
by Bielle August 04, 2010
fat international conference
There was an otay at the game
by Cagefighter March 07, 2008
synonym of ok
Otay. I'll be right over
by Bungalow Bill September 21, 2002

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