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Synonym with a country having rich oil fields. If a country is rich in oil, then it is by default also oppressed and in need of liberation.
Did you hear about Libya? We must liberate them, they're too oppressed.
by Vik Icarus May 11, 2014
Noun: A guy/gal who recently got in a pretty bad state. The manner in which the guy got in such a state is often hilarious.

Verb: The act of a person/organization which is the cause for the affected person being in such a state. The person/organization is usually unjust or does it as a joke.

Used by some of the south Indians in Chennai, India.
They oppressed me by taking me to a boring show.
I got oppressed by waiting for the cancelled bus.
He became oppressed.
by madhyama February 13, 2011

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