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A middle-eastern country, currently under Muammar Gaddafi's control. Libya is hell on Earth to be in right now, as people are being brutally murdered. It is also being blown to pieces by American ballistic missles.
Muhammad: "I can't believe Libya is being blown up!"
by Snorlaxxx68 March 19, 2011
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Beautiful country, friendly people(if you're asian,arab) lots of nice food. Qaddafi runs the country like a communist state(arab socialism)excluding concentration camps, vodka and sole dictatorship. Dumb people view Libya as they view Iraq which is soo wrong. The libyans actually enjoy their livingstyle and truely patriotic.

Makes nukes together with Russia,China,North Korea and Iran.An Ally with almost all the arab nations,Asia and Russia. Other country take Libya as a role model for their growing economy, and vast military superiority. Libyans are taught to hate America.Illegally gave firearms to Saddam during the invasion of iraq. Have vast quantity of oil and plutonium.

Really REALLY hates Israel
where's saddams WMD?

The Libyans are making them!
by marchy January 14, 2006
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a small country almost nobody knows about rather then where it is its high features are big desert being next to Egypt and produce oil

has a green flag altho nothing green about it

has a sandstrom called (gibli) in arabic never heard of in the world where the sky is red u think its doomsday

has the second most lasting leader in the world after Castro most people fear and cant talk about or will be assassinated or thrown in jail not knowing if there dead or alive or even where they are

capital Tripoli means three cites full of snobs and humid weather

known citys : Tripoli - benghazi - darna etc

note : also has a very long wierd name : Libyan Arab jamaherya
non arab dude : hey Mohamed what country you from

mohamed : libya

non arab dude : eh thats near iraq

mohamed : not even close its next to egypt

non arab : *scratches head* counts egypt tunis saudi arabia .....
by markiii August 02, 2009
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