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Feeling the effect of an illness or injury.
Think of Kathy Bates' character in Stephen King's book "Misery".

You must feel terribly oogy.
by Jhin-Jhin April 01, 2007
49 11
Gross. Slimy. Covered in/filled with undesirable things.
That old sponge sat, mildewing in the sink, until it got all oogy.
by Fulminous January 05, 2004
42 18
Dried mucous in the lining of the nose.
John- "Hey, get your finger out of your nose and quit picking your oogies in the car"

Zach- "I'm not" he says while pulling a big one out.
by The Urban dic writer September 22, 2008
0 1
nasty or gross
that is oogy
by anonymous November 03, 2003
19 20
Clay Akin is oggy
by anonymous November 03, 2003
17 28
adj. unstable, disorderly or broken
I was writing my dissertation, and Microsoft Word went all oogy on me.
by Enward December 29, 2005
9 21
A stupid word
Oogy is gay
by LarstaiT November 04, 2003
21 43