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1. A hilarious dialect of English spoken principally by native Czech speakers. It differs from standard English by the omission of mandatory articles, the addition of superfluous articles, and broad idiomatic dysfunction.

2. A hilarious dialect of Czech spoken primarily by native English speakers. It differs from standard Czech by a general failure of noun case and verb aspect, broad idiomatic dysfunction, and, often, the inability to pronounce the "rzh".

3. A combination of definitions 1 and 2.
Carter: She's hot. What did you guys talk about?
Conor: The whole conversation was in Czechlish.
Carter: Did you shag her?
Conor: Totally.
by Enward September 12, 2005
Usually sexy genetic offspring of Czech and Mexican parents, increasingly common in parts of Texas and in Chihuahua, Mexico.
E9: Damn, that girl is fine. Where's she from?
Ew: And she can cook, too. I think she's Czexican.
by Enward September 21, 2005
Cooked food preserved in a pouch (as "Tasty Bite" Indian dinners) that requires only to be heated in hot water for a few minutes before being served.
- What are you having for dinner?
- Ever since the girl moved out, I'm living on bachelor chow.
by Enward August 15, 2005
Truly terrible. Used to describe something that both blows and is awful.
Coined/popularized on Futurama.
Fry: Hank Aaron XXIV? How could you play so blowfully? The original Hank Aaron was great!
Aaron Sr: No I was better than great. I was the home run king!
Bender: Neat!
Leela: So Hank - the bad Hank, just how blowful were you?
Aaron Jr: Well, I have a low batting average.
Aaron Sr: Low? It was zero you fungo! You went your whole career without getting a hit.
by Enward November 09, 2005
n. eating disorder suffered by males (cf. manorexia) usually accompanied by a binge-and-purge relationship to food.
- Is that guy manorexic? Somebody get him a cheeseburger.
- He just had three cheeseburgers and then went to the can. I think he's got boylimia.
by Enward March 16, 2006
Motherfucking hungry. See fungry.
I'm so motherfungry, I'd eat a sandwich from a gas station.
by Enward July 06, 2005
A state of queue paralysis caused by having at home the maximum number of DVDs from Netflix and failing to watch them. This is often caused by a high concentration of art or foreign films-- those which the subscriber thinks he *should* see but is never in the mood.

The only known cure is to seal those DVDs up, unwatched, and drop them in the mail.

Still, you should probably be eating more fiber.
X: Dude, you're still sitting on "Cries and Whispers"?
Y: That, "The English Patient", and fucking "Citizen Kane". I'm dying. I'm totally queuestipated. I'll never get to see "I, Robot".
by Enward September 23, 2005
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