The state of being engaged in activities away from electronic media.
Person 1: What have you been up to? You haven't posted anything on Facebook or tweeted in days.

Person 2: I've been pretty busy onlife lately. Between work and the family, I haven't had time for much else.
by riconator November 09, 2009
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to promise; like swearing on someones grave.
Me: i didn't kiss your girlfriend, man!
Tim: i heard you did!
Me: i swear i didn't!
Tim: you did!
Me: on life i didn't!
by cxa March 06, 2010
online life
how was your onlife today?
by LittleClue October 21, 2012
Short term for online life. One can only use this word correctly when one starts to feel an obligation to tweet and update Facebook in the same way that you might feel obligated to clean your room or call your freind back.
My onlife is so hard to handle sometimes...
by _Amaya_Sakaruta_ June 30, 2010

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