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similar to omg, omfg is pronounced o-mm-ffeh-geh. to expres even more shock.
another history test omfg
by wheatley boy January 02, 2009
3 12
Melodramatic Chatspeak, often used by hormonally-deprived girls on AOL Instant Messenger. Means "Oh my Fucking God."
"OMFG! WTF?! I thohught u wur kidding!!1!11!eleventyone!1!"
by Oddz January 23, 2005
1998 616
Oh my fucking God, more dramatic version of omg
OMFG, this is some good shit hombre
by Crackity Jones June 30, 2002
1283 372
a handy mnemonic for remembering the ingredients of a greek salad
OMFG: Olives, Mayo, Feta, Garlic.
by Lt. Handjob September 09, 2005
1666 759
Acronym for 'oh my fucking god'. Usually used as a more extreme version of omg.
Chatperson1: I lost my virginity last night.
Chatperson2: OMFG! That's awesome!

Chatperson1: I just beat the shit out of that ugly whore Nancy Hill
Chatperson2: OMFG XD your my idol!

Chatperson1: I FUCKING HATE YOU.
Chatperson2: OMFG, where is this coming from?
by Epic Tragedy January 29, 2005
651 253
abbreviation for 'oh my fucking god'
Amber: omfg you are LyKe suCh an asshole!11!!!oneoneone!!11!1!!!eleven!!1
Bob: Kill yourself!
by Herbert April 19, 2005
394 256
Acronym for 'oh my fucking goldfish' (instead of 'oh my fucking god') used by more religious people.
omfg!!! Matt! Jenny! You have to see this!
by tik_oukla May 11, 2008
220 129
Oh my fucking god. Stronger version of omg Also XD is commonly used after it in laughing situations.


OMFG! XD I cant believe you did that!
by Shadowyoshi13 August 10, 2004
224 150