oh my fucking god (computer slang)
omfg i hate it when you do that!
by LILSAM September 29, 2006
An acronym from Oh My F*cking God, but it could be another acronym for Oranges Must Feel Great!
"OMFG!" Brendan screamed.
"True." Emma agreed.
by Nylhcir Horan January 08, 2015
The standard verbal reaction to looking out the door of an airplane at 13,000-ft just prior to jumping out said door. Most often exhibited in females and accompanied by short-term memory loss.
When Christina was lead to the jump door by her tandem instructor, she proceeded to scream "OMFG" and backpedal, as noted by her onlooking friends and the other tandem instructors when all had reached ground level.
by wolf16child July 20, 2011
Oh My Fucking God
Ontario Mega Finance Group
by Kukloprdos November 09, 2009
oh my fuckin god
omfg your a big fat brat
by skater chick July 18, 2009
Like OMFG, but with an "s"

See pronounciation
by teh parts March 09, 2004
Oh my f*cking god in short.
Teacher: What is 1337 plus 1337
by The OMFG peep July 13, 2012

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