a short way of saying oh my fucking god
omfg i just created a work
by the stuv March 03, 2011
( Oh My Fucking God)
also includes OMG.
A game term sometimes used to show fusturation.
OMFG u fucking noob

OMFG U retard

omfg he's dead
by J-virrey November 06, 2007
similar to omg, omfg is pronounced o-mm-ffeh-geh. to expres even more shock.
another history test omfg
by wheatley boy January 02, 2009
Original Mother Fucking Gangster.
Person A: "Yo dude, I am the OG."
Person B: "Yeah, well I am the OMFG!"
by Kaylinnnnn :] JB FAN September 06, 2008
the screwed up version of omg which invokes blasphemy.
"omfg i totally screwed this up"
"cut the -fucking- next time jackass."
by Fearall November 06, 2007
OMFG; an acronym for "Oh my fruity grapes". Commonly mistaken to stand for Oh my fucking god.
OMFG 1 |2 |)4|-| 1337 |-|4'/,'/,0|2-/_!!!oneoneone!
by The KamikazeH2Omelon February 22, 2005
Illiterate way of saying "Oh my f--king god" to express great distress, anger, or joy.
OMFG, i just liek, GOT HACKED, YO! WTF?!
by Blindside December 02, 2003

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