Illiterate way of saying "Oh my f--king god" to express great distress, anger, or joy.
OMFG, i just liek, GOT HACKED, YO! WTF?!
by Blindside December 02, 2003
Short for Oh My F*****G God.A word that goes beyond using god's name in vain, and should be treated as the F word itself, only with an anti-religious incline, and should not be used in public.
Oh no,I can't believe George Bush has made a decent decision,OMFG!
by dm,nerd January 20, 2007
used by 1337 speakers for a short.
liek omfg teh xnieper is elite!111

omfg ur nub -_-

omfg, u staele my piez0r!1
by 1337z0r April 21, 2006
Phrase attributed to Monica Lewinsky. Common urban slang denoting surprise. Acronym for "On My Freaking Gown!?!?!"
"So, he snuck up behind me, and I was like, "No!," I mean, OMFG!"
by Crammy McSlander June 17, 2006
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