A green monster with antennaes that resemble trumpets (see Shrek)
Sometimes ogres can be seen hanging around with talking donkies.
by Siberian Moo Cow June 22, 2005
Savage from the cuts of Frisco bay area. A Norweigan muthafucka.
The fuckin 'Ogre' comin to mah block? Run mama! Bring da kids! Tell pops to bust out wid hiz foh feevah!
by OgreSavage February 21, 2003
Shrek from the movie
Im A Big Mean Ogre arent you afraid of that
by Ralph June 02, 2004
"a funny person"
one who posted a very funny definition for fondle
taken from ogre's post "wow, that squirrel really seemed to like the fondling i gave him.. he blew nuts everywhere"
by mini-moi December 08, 2003
Stuart Bawden, the sexiest, sweetest, cutest guy I know; I love him so much.
Ogre: You're a running shoe
by Blueknightess March 17, 2005
a tall girl about 10 feet high who lives in nj and has the longest legs and is hot
oh man look at ogre! she grew another 4 feet!
by MelissAriadne March 17, 2003

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