The Aztec God of Fighting. Got beaten by Jin Kazama, has very few original moves. yet, he's still awesome.
The God of Fighting... The legend of Native Americans says Ogre is the war weapon which creatures from outer space left on earth in ancient time. It understands entire structures of all living and artificial beings, and absorbs them. It wanders the earth in search of strong souls
by Jigo Jisan March 17, 2012
A strange and smelly creature that roams the street of elk river MN bumming objects off people with no obligation to return the favor. Usually very loud, obnoxious, and disrespectful as well as argumentative towards everyone......"stubborn as a mule"
Mythological creature
Green monster
by Kool Kids Klub 420 July 29, 2008
Small town in Latvia. Around 30km from the capital Riga.
yes, Ogre, like in the movie...
by everywhen April 07, 2011
a fat, old, ugly bitch
Brian's mom is a ogre
by montel April 18, 2005
A mixed drink, which appeared in a prophetic dream. Composed of 1 shot of spiced rum, iced coffee with cream, and coca-cola.
Owen pounded that ogre, then threw-up.
by Drew Hillier November 19, 2007
adjective describing and celebrating the brutality used upon a weaker person by a person of large stature or unnatural strength
Dude, did you see Matt break that guy's arm?

Yeah that shit was too ogre.
by seanthamothafuckindoctor September 13, 2008
1 : a hideous giant of fairy tales and folklore that feeds on human beings : monster
2 : a dreaded person or object
Dylan F is an Ogre.
by xomle46ox April 19, 2009

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