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1. A master of the china ram

2. One who enjoys Lime Jello
1. My but hurts because I was attacked by an Ogre.

2.Lime Jello in your cart? Are you an Ogre?
by daelon_rax July 13, 2008
1 4
Someone who has been trolled or offended purposely by a subject for that subject's own amusement. An ogre mainly gets affected by the troll easily, and therefore gets offended easily by a common troll.
Ogre's most likely would say things expecting people to care about them, instead the ogre gets trolled by others.
~Basicly, I am the troll, and am trolling you at this moment; you are my ogre.~
by Kitzykat May 11, 2011
1 6
The act of vomiting.
I ate too much. I feel like I'm going to ogre!
by Yatsushika July 10, 2008
1 7
A beast. Someone who is very strong for their age.
by Anonymous November 03, 2003
14 22
A spectacularly unworthy guy who has won the affections of a perfect woman through wicked trickery.
That ogre is monopolizing all Alyson's child-bearing years.
by Buttons G. October 30, 2007
1 11
a fat ass that eats food all day long
Jared Morse is the prettiest ogre ever
by Joseph poop October 25, 2006
9 21
someone who unintentionally walks through walls and other things
ie: Elan
Dude 1: Dude, Elan just walked through the wall!
Dude 2: I know hes such an ogre
by sam November 23, 2003
6 19