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Male Sexual Organ
I went had to rent a boy to carry my luggage for me. Especially used in anti-gay circles.
by The anti-gay revenger May 04, 2010
47 5
Any venereal disease carried by a person. It's the gift that keeps on giving.
I was going to sleep with Lisa, but she had luggage.
by Joe Dirt2 May 30, 2006
35 20
A codeword for pads/ tampons. Girls use it in an emergency situation; extremely useful especially if there are guys around.
Girl1: Hey, whatsup? Why do you look so sick?
Girl2: Do you have any luggage? I'm going to Japan.

Girl1: Yeah, I'll go grab it for you in a sec.
Guy: You get to go to Japan?? LUCKY!!!!

Girl1&2: Not really...
by A sympathetic friend2 May 09, 2009
14 8
An extremely clingy/irritating person, usually used as a name for the person rather than insult.
Piss off Luggage
Is Luggage coming?
You're very clingy/irritating Luggage
by Yes December 14, 2003
22 17
Term used in the hotel industrie to make colleagues aware of a hot girl/guy on the other side of the desk, without them knowing.
Receptionist1: Loads of luggage today
Receptionist2: yep

R1: Look at that luggage
R2: Yeah, best luggage today
by carljohnson June 18, 2009
7 5
man-boobs; not to be confused with baggage
woah look at all his luggage!
by macint November 14, 2009
6 8