Something which is very good, amazing. Often used in reference to song lyrics, albums, movies etc.
"I love that new GangStarr album- its off tha hook."
by leks September 09, 2003
crazzyyy, like mad
"that song iz off tha hook"
by blich September 12, 2003
some boomting man
that shit is fly geez
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
Beyond Tight or Cool. It's Hot
That throwback Jordan Jersey is Off Tha Hook!
by Rachel September 09, 2003
this is what the captain eats his strawberries off
come here cabin boy let me enter your poo pipe
by dont read this September 09, 2003
real good
fish got off of hook
yo momma is off the hook
by british kid September 19, 2003
A very annoying mis-hap which usually occurs in the bathroom.
"Damn my fuckin robe fell "off the hook" again!"
by Heliroo October 17, 2003

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