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See "Fashion-Show"
A pretentious institution focused on the importance of Gucci, Prada and American Eagle...Warning may cause temporary insanity for the rare intillect.
"Like...Rally...O-m'God! My new Gucci scarf that daddy got me matches my Prada bag so well! I love school!
by Heliroo October 16, 2003
A very annoying mis-hap which usually occurs in the bathroom.
"Damn my fuckin robe fell "off the hook" again!"
by Heliroo October 17, 2003
A complete defiance to a situation.
No I will absolutely not contribute in that act for I am completely and morally against it....BitCh!
by Heliroo October 17, 2003
Institution for higher learning. Only for the gifted.
Man, this s'coo is dope! Fo sheezy!"
by Heliroo October 17, 2003

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