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An example of real Hip Hop. Guru on the mic with the sick rhymes and lyrics. Premier with the tight cuts and true beats. As real as they can get, unlike all that 50 Cent, Ja Rule, Puffy, Nelly,all that Down South Garbage, and mainstream Hip Pop.
Check out any Gang Starr album, Step In The Arena, Daily Operation, Full Clip, The Ownerz. They would never come out with something wack.
by 2nd Dopest Flip Ever To Live September 21, 2004
An east coast hip-hop duo made up of Guru(Gifted,Unlimited,Rhymes Universal) and DJ Premier.
Have you seen that Gang Starr video yet?
by 64impala December 02, 2007
Formed in 1988, one of the oldest and best in the rap game. They stay true to the roots of rap. Consists of DJ Premier and the Guru. GET THEIR NEW ALBUM: THE OWNERZ
"Gangstarr has way better beats than any of the pussy rappers that are out now."
by Anonymous August 24, 2003
a star gangsta...a gangsta well respected in their hood or ghetto
dat nigga is gangstarr..dont kno one try 2 fuck wit him
by DAT NIGGA G-EE March 29, 2004
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