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Very overweight. Large, huge, takes up a lot of space. A big guy like myself. Ingested too many calories along with a thyroid problem and now im obese.
Dont make fun of the obese. Its a serious glandular condition.
by Mr. Vitale December 06, 2007
43 44
People who eat way too much, like 45839893053 calories a day on a regular basis.
Karen and Lindsay eat three cupcakes everyday before lunch. They are obese.
by kd6079 March 01, 2009
13 19
to go really big; getting out of hand; putting it down like an animal; doing it up; partying your ass off; drinking to excess
"This weekend is gonna be so out of hand it'll be obese."

"You go out last night?"

"Yeah, I did it obese"
by SF Hellbomb June 23, 2009
7 14
1) When some one is good at something they are a beast, when someone is great at something they are OBESE!

2) Someone isn't just "phat" cool they are OBESE!

3) When something really cool happens they refer to it as OBESE!
Ex 1] Gary: Man Alex is a beast at basketball! His shooting percent is 90!
Paul: He's not a beast, he's OBESE!

Ex 2] Gary: Wow look at that guy driving the Bentley now he's phat
Paul: Na man, that guy's OBESE!

Ex 3] Paul: Did you see that guy on t.v. jump 15 buses on his dirt bike!? That was OBESE!
by Obese BOI August 19, 2010
2 13
Brilliant, amazing, immense, the best ever
Wow, her skirt just looks obese!
by Elgin6795 August 11, 2009
10 21
Adjective- Total massive awesomeness
"Wow Man That pitch was Obese."
"This is a pretty Obese day."
by Nosaj the one and only BITCH April 11, 2009
4 16
~to be overweight
~to be overweight from your age group.
natashas 15 pounds overweight! she's obese!
by couture cutie xx December 30, 2007
14 28