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Is a condition which reslults in someone loving their food too much.
That person is obese because they love their food
by Laurah February 06, 2005
89 71
when you're so god damn fat no woman will even look at you let alone want to date you.

You resemble fat bastard and if a female ever does come within your vicinity it's because you most likely have something she wants or she's bored.

She may use you just to laugh at you. That's the worst case scenario.

Yes you resemble fat bastard and suffer from obesity and most likely will never have a girlfriend or be married to a woman.

These fat bastards usually end up all alone with their dogs in a crappy poor apartment.
Check out Salvatore, what a fat ass, that obese pig will never get laid.
by not a fat person November 13, 2008
41 27
80% of America

Europe chicks are HOT. American chicks are obese and 10feet large and the earth shakes when they walk..
by Stf_bim May 17, 2007
115 101
Extremely fat and ugly. So fat that if you were to offer a woman 30 g she would turn you down.

So fat that almost every man would be preferable to your obese bloated ass.

So fat you are easily made fun of and used or pitied by women while they're making love to their boyfriend and your fat ass is showing up at their door. They are laughing up in the room that an obese man is at the door.

So fat you will most likely be a lifelong virgin.
Vitale is an obese motherfucker who is used to get laughed at.
by thin. January 28, 2009
24 17
Someone who is very large, can be seen from miles away. Needs to eat every 5 minutes or they will have to engage in cannabalism with oneself. Most of the time will not fit on your screen when viewing their facebook profile.
Geek 1: 'Oh My God watch out for that new kid muyiwa rolling down the corridor :( , he's soo Obese just bull dozing those kids out of the way!!'
Geek 2: 'I know he rolled over the headmaster once !'
by Victimofomole December 21, 2011
8 3
Anything bad, terrible, or you jus don't like.
Roleena: I was thinkin bout gettin pink and orange high lights in mah weave.

Florida: Nawh girl, that sounds obese af.
Roleena: Yeah, you're right. Floridaaaa..
by TheIllestKid1123 December 31, 2012
3 0
When you can't see your penis without bending over.

(Not to be confused with "teeny weenie": when your wife can't see your penis without bending over.)
George, you've become obese; I hope you start to appreciate what I've been putting up with for all these years.
by andrewgggg January 02, 2011
7 7