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an extremely beautiful girl, who is wanted by all. she is stunning and friendly.
wow, that girls a real hollie! you got a good one there!
by MarcusMayhem March 23, 2008
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A Sexy Blond Girl With Big Boobs. She Is Not The Skinniest Girl In The World But She Has A Big Personality And A Lot Of Love To Share. People Trust Her With Their Deepest Darkest Secrets. People Sometimes Block Her Out And Put Her Down But That Only Makes Her Stronger.........

She Hides Away Her Dreams She Is Scared What People Will Say If She Shares Her Dreams..........

But Overall She Is Confident With The Way She Is. She Is Sexy, Pretty And Always Has Friends Around That Will Support Her.
"Hey who do you fancy now?"

" well it's.............."

"who dude tell me!!"


"WHOA she is soooo sexy"
by anonymous 984509 August 08, 2009
The best girl ever! She's amazing, beautiful (on the inside and outside) but doesn't see it. The best friend you could ever have. She's intelligent, but no snob about it. She listens, and adds her opinion and advice when you need it. She knows how to snap you back into reality, while letting you still dream big. She herself is a dreamer, and occasionally needs someone to snap her back into reality. She's loving and gentle. if she needs to be she'll act rude, but really doesn't like to. You'll always love a Hollie; she's trustworthy and perfect. Guys can't help but fall for her.
"That girl is soooooo perfect! So sweet, smart, beautiful; she's just perfect! What's her name, man?"

"That's Hollie."

"Oh, that makes more sense; she's a Hollie."
by Arya Lunasolistar March 31, 2012
the most beautiful,sweetest and funniest girl. she is beautiful inside and out, whos natural beauty much fun to be around always with a smile on her face.a super girly girl who loves shopping and whos favorite color is blue. a lot of people think she is shy and not athletic, but her truest friends know she is super talkative and has a black belt in tae kwon doe. all the boys love her &would love to have her as a girlfriend, but she aint no slag, and loves being best friends with guys& they love it too. Although they all fall for her in the end. & and all the girls secretly want to be her. she has long gorgeous dark brown hair and soft smooth skin . if you know a hollie consider yourself lucky what is wrong with hollie, i mean like no one can be so beautiful on the inside and out.
person 1: Woah who's that? She's Gorgeous!
person 2: Who's that?! Everybody know's hollie! She's the most amazing girl in the world!
by chickendance12333 December 02, 2011
A very handsome woman otherwise known as a clydesdale
Damn look at that hott girl she's a hollie
by oregano January 21, 2006
Hollie also known as Hozza, is one of the most amazing friends you will ever have. Hollie has a great personality and will never fail to cheer you up or make you laugh. usually a fan of Justin Bieber. a great best friend.
'wow I wish i had a friend like Hollie'
by macyB February 14, 2013
A hollie is a person that if you come near I will cut off your balls deep fry them sugar coat them bake in the oven for 10 mins and serve to you for you to eat she is my lover not yours most beautiful girl I have ever met
Shes a hollie,
Than dont touch her.
by Jpersick September 30, 2012

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