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45 definitions by mavros

a 9 iron used to throw a beating.
"Yo....gimme my nigger knocker under the front seat...
I see the rev. al S. coming."
by mavros April 08, 2006
120 34
The Brown star located at the center of the "Ass" Constalation.
Erney: "Man, I'm so tired, Bill"
Bill: " Why, what were you doing last night"?
Erney: "I was staring at Uranus all night"!
Erney: " Hey... slow down Bill, Where are you running off to"?
( 2 sec. later, Bill is just a small dot all the way down the road).
Erney: "What did I say"?
by mavros April 27, 2006
137 68
A bitch that gets passed around...
and around....
and around......................
Just buy her a pizza... if she loves it, shes a crew slut!!!
It's a way of life...
The boys in the crew are just waiting for you, to be a crew slut
( From Frank Zappas " Joes Garage")
Her name is Mary
by mavros April 10, 2006
46 6
To squirt liquid shit out the anal opening, usualy brought on by a recent trip to Taco bell, Mexico, McDonalds, Booger King; etc. etc.
"when you climb up a ladder and you hear something splatter, it's diarrhea! (Look out below)!
by mavros April 24, 2006
66 35
What's the matter, didn't anyone out there ever watch the
Brady Bunch? They were so "Groovy" & "Far-out"!
Anyway, in one episode, Jan (Eve Plumb), was envious of
Marsha,Marsha,Marsha, and all of her "Hunks" playing hide the sausage, meanwhile, she (Jan) wasn't very talented @ playing the "skin flute", So she create, (so to speak) An imaginary boyfriend named...
Jorje: Que passa my freng? Homes, that Jan is looking "Kaliente"
Pedro: Jew better chill Meng, ... You better not let George Glass hear you! I heard that he is one bad Gringo!
By the way, did you ever see him?
Jorje: Nah vatto, you?
Pedro: Nah, but I heard that he's so BAD... he can blow bubbles through bricks!!!
by mavros April 30, 2006
101 78
A 9 iron!!! Used for knocking a "nigger"(does not mean a black person)even more senseless than they already are!
one night while driving through Brooklyn, I saw a Nigger pissing on a church. I went in my trunk and got out my "Niggerknocker" and cracked the Reverand Al upside his gourd.
by mavros March 29, 2006
48 26
This would generaly be the outcome of going to bed with an itchy hiney.
Confucious say: "Man go to bed with itchy hiney...
Wakes up with smelly finger."
by mavros April 12, 2006
29 16