slang term for the head, like "noggin" and "melon" and so on.
If my girl cheated on me like that, yo, I'd be blowin' fuckin' nuggets off all day.
by Santi July 11, 2005
A nice, fluffy bud off a marijuana plant
"I put the nugget in the bowl already"
by Kitten420 June 22, 2005
A type of defecation. Normally a small rounded one
I have to go drop a nugget
by mickrips1off June 02, 2005
a light hearted and universal put down
You are taking too long u stupd little nugget
by Jace March 21, 2005
"nugget" as used in South Philadelphia refers to "a small hunk for solid fecal material, or small turds usually left in a peculiar place for unexpecting humanoids. Recent 'nuggets' were left in the Holy Water font at the Philadelphia Cathedral for surprised church attendees. "Nuggets" were found in various coffee containers at the local Philadelphia Starbucks much to the shock and taste of a number of customers.
"My coffee tastes like George Bush's asshole, so Ms. Rice told me....but I never thought I'd find his NUGGETS in my Capuccino"
by Rob Jackson March 21, 2005
Someones head according to Violent Jay of ICP
"Ima lop his nugget off and toss it in the sky."
by Alex February 10, 2005
A nugget is a person who lacks the limbular regions of the arms and legs. They often are found in the profession of furry pornography.
"hey timmy, do you want to play catch? Oh sorry you are a nugget with no arms and legs, sorry!"
by Cay cay May 11, 2004

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