an idiot
OMG you stupid nugget!
by asten01 February 01, 2009
female genitalia resembling a nugget of beef
"bitch im trying to get that nugget juicy"
by donnag January 30, 2009
Someone who is lazy like a chicken McNugget, just one in the box that doesn't ever move unless someone moves it. Someone who will do what it takes to use as little energy as possible.
For example, having everything within arms reach from your bed (remote control, laptop, cell phone, food and drinks

"Look at those nuggets playing smash!"
by CentralBabybudz December 10, 2008
A very short fat girl. Similar to a nugget of gold(i.e. small but very heavy for it's size)
At 5'0" tall and 250 pounds the chick was a total nugget.
by johny G February 20, 2008
a hot, extremely beautiful, sexy, girl with whom you want to have sexual intercourse with
Jennifer Anniston is a nugget.
by Jesse Bryant April 17, 2007
The little people who are below your superior level and or
a cute or little animal.
look a that little nugget.
HIIII nugget!
by jasy j April 01, 2007
London Street slang for £1 english pound
" ... Nugget Nifty" which would equal £1.50
by SApex November 19, 2006

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