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(Adjective) 1. Warm, snug, and comfortable. 2. Intimate, sometimes with overtones of collusion.

(Noun) 3. A covering or container for keeping food and beverages warm.

(Verb) 4. To make (something) cozy or cozier; usually used with "up". 5. To seek someone's friendship for personal advantage; usually used with "up to".
1. My electric blanket helps me feel cozy at night.

2. The D.A. had made a cozy deal with the Mafia don.

3. Grandma gave me a tea cozy for Christmas.

4. Karin needed to cozy up the living room for her party.

5. You probably won't get a raise here unless you cozy up to the boss.
by Ingeborg S. Nordén June 01, 2006
a foam container in which to place a cold beverage
"I got a free beer cozy at the bar last night."
by John April 13, 2005
to cuddle
my boyfriend and i always cozy on the couch
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
In real estate jargon, a very small room, apartment or house.
Cozy 1 bedroom basement apartment, full bathroom, furnished, air conditioning, utilities included $700
by Andrew MacKinnon April 22, 2008
1.) Referring to a certain area, region, or address that distributes street industry commonly known where the main port or racket of drugs is. Drug dealers are known to re-up or stock-up from cozies. Most hood figures- drug dealers, dope boys, and hustlers- are common with knowing where the cozy is located but the area isn’t easy to find when you’re an average or just a local in your area. The term ‘cozy’ is used commonly and in the open but once again, isn’t known by most civilians of the area where it really is---2.)A secret racket of street industry.

Person 1: Where we gonna' get the trees?
Person 2: I'm fixing to go to the cozy, i'll be back in a minute.
by Newport March 03, 2008
A girl from California who prefers to go by a nickname supposedly given to her at a young age. Generally wears little to no clothes.
Boy- "Who's that chick?"
Girl- "Oh thats just cozy"
Boy- "I do want to get cozy with her..."
by ohgurlyouknow February 16, 2011
A another word for comfy clothes, lounge wear or pajamas.
David came home from work, got into his cozies and opened a bottle of wine.
by Quade April 28, 2008
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