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this word is usually used instead of the word "awkward" during an awkward moment. when the phrase "nuddlard" is used it can either be used because something is awkward (1) or when one has nothing to say to someone (2)

1. used in an awkward situation, to replace the word awkward.
2. used in a non-awkward situation as a reply to an unexpected answer.
person 1 : "omg Sarah's hair is so gross!"
person 2 : "she's standing right behind you..."
person 1 : "oo nuddlard"

person 1 : "can you hold my book?"

person 2 : "no."
person 1 : "oh nuddlard!"
#awkward #nuttlard #buttler #awkward moment #spice up
by theawkwardmoment March 31, 2011
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