a person who is quite foolish and make bad decisions. doesn't use their head to make a good choice and is naive.
wow. did you see jack medley today? he was acting like such a total "nub!"
by skittleslvr1221 December 29, 2009
A person who fails at multiple aspects of life.
The nub was terrible at sports as well as talking to girls
by Dr. Phil69 December 10, 2009
people who start in a game they have never played before noobs and other sort usually the fist to die at cs in 30 seconds also called newbies this is also used in d2 or other rpg's
thoes nubs got pwnd.
by steve March 29, 2005
A nub is a word used to describe somebody that is usually under the age of 18, short (usually under 5ft), with a high-pitched voice and brightly coloured dyed hair.
"You see that nub over there?"
"She looks like a right nub!"
"Are you a nub?"
by Domdiedford October 02, 2014
A term that one is called when they are considered completly unbearable, totally annoying, virtually not human, or absolutely nub-tastic. The term was coined in 2013 to replace the more colloquial, but less precise terms, "fag", "n00b", and "dickhead".
person 1: you're a nub

person 2: why

person 1: you're really annoying
by agentpiefilling September 30, 2013
A gremlin
Mary Olsen is a nub.
by ThomasEdison March 16, 2012
1. n. Plural of nub.
"Did you see the nubs on that girl? Damn, I totally want her to furnk me, bro."
by an affectionate nubler December 03, 2011

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