A light-hearted variation of the word noob. Not to be confused with; noob, n00b or newb. This is a word used to best described a person who is not fully a noob, but is prone to making stupid mistakes. Can also be used as a way to condescend a weak player in a competitive game.
Instance 1:

nub: "Dammit dude, i was making this sickass map in minecraft, and i accidentally closed it out..."

otherguy: "lol nub."
Instance 2:

nub: "LoL dude, I almost killed you there. You so got me!"

pwnr: "... -.-. whatever nub, just fuckin play and stfu"
by Insano-Flex November 12, 2010
a person who is quite foolish and make bad decisions. doesn't use their head to make a good choice and is naive.
wow. did you see jack medley today? he was acting like such a total "nub!"
by skittleslvr1221 December 29, 2009
A person who fails at multiple aspects of life.
The nub was terrible at sports as well as talking to girls
by Dr. Phil69 December 10, 2009
people who start in a game they have never played before noobs and other sort usually the fist to die at cs in 30 seconds also called newbies this is also used in d2 or other rpg's
thoes nubs got pwnd.
by steve March 29, 2005
A combination of noob and scrub. A particularly poor player that exhibits less skill than the regular new player. Someone who is so bad, that even a total newbie could show them up.
I'm new at this, but you're a total nub.

You suck. Even a noob could kick your ass!
by XxX[420pr0]f42Tm45t4HkU5H-SWAG October 05, 2012
A gremlin
Mary Olsen is a nub.
by ThomasEdison March 16, 2012
someone who is infinitely dumb or saying unintelligent things one who is clueless about life.
Grace B is such a NUB!
by the 4 real September 29, 2010

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