How idiots spell "noob". Said idiots either can't spell or forget that a "nub" is what is left after an amputation. This error can be attributed to the fact that most people under the age of 20 seem to be incapable of spelling the simplest of words correctly - probably due to overuse of auto-correct/spell-check doing it for them.
Person 1 - "l2p u dum nub"
Person 2 (educated) - "Learn to spell, asshole."
by frikghorgan May 12, 2014
An enigmatic weirdo. Especially one that is cute and makes silly faces. Can be found speaking in a language comprised of only the word "nub.". Often redheaded.
"Nub nub nub nub!" cried the nub.
by Kaptainkmk April 25, 2011
A person who is elite yet acts stupid and noobish but does it to hide their true strength
You are such a Nub to have defeated the champion in that tournament
by KuroshitsujiWowPlayer April 07, 2011
NOT pronounced noob, instead pronounced nuhb

1) a short bit of something

2) an annoying person (see cockblock or killjoy

3) a derogatory term for short people

4) and endearing way to tease your friends (see sillybilly)
1) person 1: look at that pencil nub!!!

person 2: yeah! it's like, 5 centimeters long

2) Ugh!! Cathy totally stopped me from hooking up with Steve!!! God, What a nub.

3) She's Such a nub!! She's like 5 ft tall

4) Aaw, you're such a nubbly nub!! Luv Ya!!!
by gabathy December 26, 2010
like noob or noobie but for extra beginners. people who are especially bad at something
josh is such a nub at halo
by isellcocaine May 07, 2010
nub and noob are not the same thing and everyone has it wrong on this site.

pwned them
noob:people who do idiotic things, fail miserably, and will never be good at the game
nub: people who are not anywhere's as close as good as the person who just pwned them, similar to a scrub
Guy 1: wow nub, get pwned...grenade then headshot ty

Guy 2: yah he didnt see that coming
by Jelly and Jeffy February 09, 2010
to manbir a sidhu, to be a complete waste of space
Manbir sucks at life...he is a complete nub
by Alan K. December 12, 2007
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