One of the many variations to the word noob; a term commonly used to belittle anyone who is new, unfamiliar, or simply sucks dick at a particular video game.

Synonyms: newb, newbie, noob, n00b, n00blar...etc...etc...

Antonyms: elite, l33t, 1337...etc...etc...
nub: how to play?

1337: just aim and shoot.

nub: ...how to play?

1337: go read the manual or check out forums for l33t advice.

nub: manual? forum?

1337: OMG, ffs you idiot. Just press Alt + F4 than you dumbass nub.

(nub exits game)
by Richard Huang November 11, 2004
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Someone who is a general dumbass, comes up with stupid ideas, causing you to groan in disbelief at his/her stupidity. This reaction is almost always followed by a back-handing type gesture, where the back of the right hand is forced into the palm of the other, making a loud slapping noise. (Referred to as a Nubslap).

The Nubslap is the only known way to keep a nub in line.

The advantages to using "nub" over "noob" or "newbie" is that it has a much quicker, harsher sound when spoken. You can also shout it without it sounding gay (NOOOOOOB sounds gay no matter what).
Nub: Hey mon, we should go to the dollar store and buy a bunch of Windex!
Person: What? Why?
(Nub maintains a shiteating grin while shrugging shoulders)
(Person performs a Nubslap)
Person: Fucking nub.
by SkullWolf November 15, 2004
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to manbir a sidhu, to be a complete waste of space
by Alan K. December 12, 2007
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man look at dat boy he got a nub

that man has a nub
by V 4 Vendetta October 16, 2008
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one who isn't a noob (played a game for some time), but plays like one
kid watches people run in front of their screen and decides that it would be a awsome idea to plant an explosive= nub
by dez_nutz March 25, 2009
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A sub-noob. Worse than a noob. More idiotic and stupider than a noob. Someone you want to stay away from at all costs.
lil_kittygirl84: OMFG I HAVE A QUESTION!!!
Me: yea? and can you not talk in all caps?
lil_kittygirl84: HOW CAN YOU GET MONEY???
Me: In rl? and can you not talk in caps? PLEASE?
Me: Then press it again -.-
lil_kittygirl84: HOW? W/E. YES, REAL LIFE.
Me: *cough* nub *cough*...Graduate from a good college and get a job.
lil_kitygirl84: HOW DO I GO TO KOLAGE?

At this point, the best thing to do now is walk away...
by WeAllHate Z November 28, 2006
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The outline of a man's genitalia often seen due either to the owner of said nub's shorts being too tight or an awkward arrangement having been made of the shaft and/or sac. Common signs of a Nub are when you see what looks as though it is a miniature erection. This is not to be mistaken with an actual erection because in no way is the owner of the nub aroused, often times he is more embarrassed for his poor choice in shorts or placement of shaft. There currently is no known cure for chronic nub syndrome other than to invest in new clothes, start a new habit of placement, or to find friends who enjoy such sights.
-Cross Country Team Practice With Short shorts-

The Coach- "Alright boys sweats off, go run 10miles"

Runner- *taking off his sweats to reveal his new pair of shorts* "alright coach, lets do this!"

Team Member- *noticing his nub immediately* "no way your going out there like that! Your packing the biggest nub ive seen in years!"

Coach- "It's called self-respect! Put your sweats back on, your off the team! No one wants to see that shit."
by Chaboooy February 09, 2014
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