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adv. "NoneTheLess" or "NeverTheLess". It means "However".
I'm a bit sleepy, but I'm fine ntl.
by gunluva July 12, 2007
UK cable company famous for buying up other cable companies and assets at massive inflated prices then becoming near bankrupt.

Their customer services departments are legendary for their total uselessness and their sales departments are infamous for the lies they will tell to get people to sign up for their services.
We are the future of cable nt:hell
by hellboy October 20, 2004
Short for nah too lazy. Mainly used on internet
Phillip: Fuck, man lets hangout 2day?

Fat Billy: Ntl
by Godl¥Gho$t June 26, 2010
AIM and other computer shorthand for nevertheless. Similar to btw for "by the way" or imo for "in my opinion."
In informal typing settings where AIM-style shorthand is acceptable, ntl could replace nevertheless without any changes to the rest of the sentence.
by NYandwhat September 02, 2005
the badest muthafuckin russian rap group
ntl owns loose change and changey
by russiandude September 05, 2003
Not The Look.
If you buy heels that make you walk like a bocking chicken, it's definitely NTL.
by ChikaD May 30, 2011
Generally stands for "Nice Tits Love". It's not very common, hence adding it here.
Guy (talking to a girl): ntl
Girl: wtf?
Guy: Nice Tits Love
Girl: *slap*
by Player 1 Unknown December 30, 2007
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