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a style of doing things
i get my money like a pimp
by russiandude August 20, 2003
the badest muthafuckin russian rap group
ntl owns loose change and changey
by russiandude September 05, 2003
birdmans thing he says
jazee phizzle productizzle ma nizzle
in the song "lets get down"(where bow wow is a fag) go listen
by russiandude July 23, 2003
babidi is fuckin stupid
yea hes a retard e-pox is sum lame shit he made up look up marvello a much better word i came up wit
by russiandude July 26, 2003
means every1 in russian
mi vse pashli pyit
by russiandude July 23, 2003
online gangster
o.G: yo man i be repping my hood for all dem playas
russiandude:wtf ive never seen u outside always on the computer watchin porn... and your white
by russiandude November 10, 2003
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