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4 definitions by hellboy

a strange little character from McDonalds who runs around in a cape and mask and steals hamburgers.
" oh no, the hamburglar stole my hamburger again!"
by hellboy October 12, 2003
a "polite" way of calling somebody fat.
" oh don't worry, you're just a little plump."
by hellboy October 12, 2003
The most dangerous place to live in Britain.
Eeer that patio looks like it needs takin up!
by hellboy October 20, 2004
UK cable company famous for buying up other cable companies and assets at massive inflated prices then becoming near bankrupt.

Their customer services departments are legendary for their total uselessness and their sales departments are infamous for the lies they will tell to get people to sign up for their services.
We are the future of cable nt:hell
by hellboy October 20, 2004