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Derived from Orangutan or from the Latin “Orange Utan” meaning red pubic hair, commonly known as Fanta pants. This creature is well known for its fiery temper and pale skin; hence its ability to spend long periods of time in the sun is limited. The female of the spices is renowned for being good in bed, combining its natural aggression with its lack of appreciation for its looks.
My mate won’t fuck rangas; he said he would rather put his nuts in a rabbit trap.

My misses is a ranga but don’t call her that she will rip your fucking head off and shit down your throat.
by Ferret March 22, 2005
An elitist group of people that congregate to the exclusion of others in a workplace or institution.
Hey “J” are you joining the purple circle for lunch today?
by Ferret August 16, 2007
Medically referred to as polymastia it is the presence of supernumerary (extra) breasts on the human body. The extra breast tissue can appear as everything from a third nipple (the most common condition, referred to as polythelia) to a fully-formed — and fully-functional breast. Lily Allen reveals her third nipple on a u tube interview for all to see.
Hey I had no idea you had an extra nipple, and that pearcing is a real party stopper total triceratits.
by ferret February 11, 2009
Accounting guidelines that advise the accountant to bend over the desk and getting donkey punched by their favorite senior.
Nick was going to go out with Tasha but instead he was stuck getting SOxed at work.
by Ferret September 14, 2004
The greatest games development company in the world.
Often reffered to as V.

Games they have created: Freespace 1 + 2, Summoner 1 + 2, Red Faction 1 + 2
"V are the Gods of the game development world."
by Ferret November 24, 2003
Derived from the original town bike. Derogatory term for a sexually promiscuous woman , one who is said to have been ridden by many or most of the town's men. She's the office bike, shes been ridden by everybody.

1: Austin Powers (Mike Myers) to Vanessa Kensington (Elizabeth Hurley) admitting having had sex with Alotta Fagina (Fabiana Udenio) in Austin Powers (1998): ' Don't worry about the Italian bird , okay? She's the village-bicycle . Everyone's had a ride .'
2: A: "Wow that fill-in receptionist is cool" B: "nah forget her she is the office bike".
by ferret February 28, 2007
A massive Shivan Juggernaught.

The Shivans have an unconfirmed amount of these ships, but over 80 have been sighted in GTVA Space.
A fleet of over 80 of them destroyed the Capella star.
"Command! A Sathanas juggernaught just jumped withing range!"
by Ferret November 24, 2003

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