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missing/wanting/needing something you never had
she was nostalgic everytime she saw him.
by lvesxcks December 30, 2007
183 165
Feeling a loss, regret, or wanting something that was meant to be forgotten. Something that was in the past, that one aches to remember.
She felt nostaligic about the person she used to be, and hated the person she had become now.
by desiredparasite March 12, 2005
787 75
Wanna be .be
come to and check it out
by Ya Mom in the next room July 20, 2003
74 477
everything that sux.. crap, gay ass monkey, .be wanna, totaly n00b...
havent seen anyone so nostalgic as u in years
by CoRe September 01, 2003
38 552