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A condition caused when a person plays too much Tetris. It is considered a psychological habit.

There are two symptoms of Tetris Effect, which occur without conscientiously thinking of it:
1. A person can't help but notice how neatly objects in the real world could be stacked together, and imagines a sort of Tetris game in which the objects are stacked.
2. A person visualizes games of Tetris or Tetris scenarios when they daydream, project mental images, or close their eyes.

Note: Such an effect occurs with various repetitive or puzzling tasks, most commonly Chess, Polarium, and Guitar Hero.
Fisher: Dude, do you see that?
Lynch: Yeah, that Popsicle Stand would perfectly fill that space between those two parked cars!
Fisher: What? No, look at those two chicks making out!
Lynch: Oh. Yeah.
Fisher: I think you play Tetris too much.
Lynch: Nah, it's just a little Tetris Effect.
by Lynchings February 01, 2010
The verb for the word "Nostalgia", which is the feeling you get when romantically yearning for the past, often in idealized form.

Nostalging is most common when stumbling upon a song you haven't heard since your younger days.
Lynch: Dude, I was nostalging so hard last night.

Fisher: Really, what happened?

Lynch: Remember the song "The Middle" by "Jimmy Eat World"? It was playing in the store last night!

Fisher: I haven't heard that song foreve--Ah man, now I'm nostalging! Ahh, those were good days...
by Lynchings April 08, 2010
The phenomena of having to take a dump after smoking a cigarette.
Lynch: Alright, we done smoking?
Doug: Yeah, man.
Lynch: Sweet, let's go inside, cause this cig just gave me the dumps.
by Lynchings January 13, 2011
When you cuddle on the couch with your significant other watching TV or movies or something for several hours at a time (usually until you go to sleep, or move on to other activities).
Lynch: Dude, how did last night go with Jenny?
English: It was a pretty sweet couchdate, watched Dazed and Confused, Predators, and uh, about 30 minutes of Anchorman.
Lynch: What'd you do after Anchorman?

English: Hahahahahaha, you'll learn when you're older.
by Lynchings January 05, 2011

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