Noobisms are epic, even poetical thoughts, such as aphorisms, but by noobs. The Internet is a infinite source of them, since they are said/done all the time, and are often published because of their amusement value.
Teacher: "Remember, you can't bring MP3 players!"
Noob(female): "Can we bring iPods?!"
-People ROFL-
a noob-aware person to another: "OMFG, that was the BEST noobism EVER!"
by The Chao December 03, 2007
Discrimination of noobs, usually in MMO's. Unfair treatment because somebody is new to the game.
Player 1: "All of you, join my clan! Oh wait.. not you Player 2. You're only a level 4."
Player 2: "Hey, that's noobist!"
Player 3: "When will noobism be no more?!"
by Gravitee May 13, 2010
Noobism is the act of being a Noob.

Also described as Noobidity.

In this context the Noob knows absolutely f*k all about what he or she is talking about.
Tom said Slam is Pendulum's best song.

Dick reckoned Blood Sugar was even better!
While Harry was adamant that Propane Nightmare was the best song EVAH!!!

This unfortunate but very common situation is a perfect example of Noobism.
by trailofeights September 07, 2011
1)The practice of being a noob.
2)What a noob's religion is.
Kailee: He's dating Mrs. K's daughter!
Jimmy: That's Noobism right there my friend.
by pyroplya11 April 28, 2009
The practice of being a new person.
"The noobism of this raid has reached epic proportions."
by Revlic April 08, 2006

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