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a professional noob. one who stubornly and arrogantly rejects good advice from those who know better then him or her. one who embraces and asserts his noobism.
Player A - "dude you can't kill a garg with bullets"
Player B - "its ok watch me do it"
Player B get his ass incinerated
Player A - "you dam noobist. i see you got your diploma."
by shmusky April 03, 2005
its like racism... but noobism. In other words, its someone who picks on the poor noob who was probably just like the noobist himself at one stage...bastards!!!
Wannabe pro: "Shutup u're crap!"
Nice Guy: "Hey man, stop being noobist....asshole"
by armaragex October 25, 2006
A person who uses noob tactics such as knifing, noob tubes, and riot shields on games such as Call of Duty. They are not just noobs in one game, but they employ it as their lifestyle. They worship noobism and piss of the general COD public.
Oh fuck!! I just got killed by a noobist using C4 and a riot shield.
by gdenk13 July 23, 2010
Someone who defends the noobs and newbies' cause.
Average player : "GO KILL YOURSELF NOOB!!"
Noobist : "Fuck you ! He's a beginner ! Don't tease him for being a noob !"
by Sovietkitty March 13, 2014
a person that no one likes and is a little slow on things .

they tend to be "new" at a lot of things (if you catch my drift)

people tend to like to make fun of these people .
"Wow, look at Cameron ! hes such a noobist !"
by oliviacakess22 October 24, 2007
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