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When fat people have sex.
"After their daily visit to the fast food restaurant, Barbara and John have hardcore hippo sex!"
by Gravitee May 13, 2010
Discrimination of noobs, usually in MMO's. Unfair treatment because somebody is new to the game.
Player 1: "All of you, join my clan! Oh wait.. not you Player 2. You're only a level 4."
Player 2: "Hey, that's noobist!"
Player 3: "When will noobism be no more?!"
by Gravitee May 13, 2010
When you've had so much coffee you physically begin to shake.
I've had so many venti coffees from Starbucks today, I know how Michael J. Fox feels. Perkinsons, man.
by gravitee January 08, 2014
A Robot sexbot. Alternative way of saying sexbot.
"Luke was excited to go home so he could chat to a rexbot."
by Gravitee May 13, 2010
Somebody who is or acts like a VIP.
Monique is drived around by a chauffeur and gets daily massages! She's so vippy.
by Gravitee May 12, 2010
British slang term for disgusting. Absolutely revolting - although this is often exaggerated to show huge dislike for something.
That dude's shoes are so fousting!

Ugh, I never eat brocolli. It's fousting.
by Gravitee April 13, 2010

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