A group of very unprofessional golfers from the Cheltenham area.
by MikeB October 20, 2003
Someone who has had a bad relationship experience in the past and choses to dwell on the negative aspects of life rather than move on.
Guy 1: cant do with women they are all the same...
Guy 2: what a nobber...
by Nat S April 18, 2014
someone who is completly bent and smells of arse
You nobber
by Bisto! January 30, 2003
also a term used for the motorbike honda cub 90
we off 2 quarry on your nobber
by nunovyabizness December 03, 2004
Idiot, faggot, freak, arse bandit, just to name a few examples
Alan is a nobber
by Everybody at Exel June 17, 2003

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