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Highly prestigious award given to the one person who has most notably made the biggest arse of themselves during the past 7 days.
Keith Sargeant
by MikeB October 20, 2003
A group of very unprofessional golfers from the Cheltenham area.
by MikeB October 20, 2003
Black country version of semen.
Yau out sloimed yet? ....Lauvley.
by MikeB April 01, 2004
A dense chocolate cake, probably made of scummy digestive biscuits and chocolate (only Brian knows the real answer).
There's some Brick of Shit in the fridge.
by MikeB October 20, 2003
A ladies' punany.

Word used frequently by Frank McCann in his most severe cases of Tourettes Syndrome.
Show's yer Grinner
by MikeB October 20, 2003

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