the word you use when you can't think of anything that isn't insulting to say about a person.
Guy 1: "wow this major slut just text me and asked me what I thought about her, what do I do?"

Guy 2: "Just say she is really nice."

Guy 1: " But she's a total bitch!"

Guy 2: "I know, just tell her she is nice, she'll take the hint."
by colton the flying monkey April 28, 2011
An expression meaning Nigger, I Cut Elephants.
"Hey Karan who's laughing now"
by rednaxela noslen May 05, 2010
Nice, awesome.
That was a Nice person.

Ah, very awesome, nice.
by NiceNice February 26, 2013
Used as a statement revealing un-enthusiasm or sarcasm when talking over the internet. Deliberately de-capitalized, whether at the beginning of a sentence or not, to show the extent of un-enthusiasm or sarcasm trying to be conveyed.
Girl 1: I totally just fucked your ex.

Girl 2: nice.
by GanjaMonster November 01, 2010
When this word is used by a girl it means she's not attracted to said person.
Jim is nice

Joe is nice
by Weekend at Saddamy's April 07, 2009
drunk, wasted
i was mad nice at that party last week.
by Rick April 09, 2003
An abbreviation of the beer: Natural Ice
Person One: "Funnell this Nice and you are well on your way to becoming fucked up my good friend"

Person Two: "Thanks dude!...ahhh nothing nicer than a nice Nice!!"
by Pumpetron July 06, 2010

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