the word you use when you can't think of anything that isn't insulting to say about a person.
Guy 1: "wow this major slut just text me and asked me what I thought about her, what do I do?"

Guy 2: "Just say she is really nice."

Guy 1: " But she's a total bitch!"

Guy 2: "I know, just tell her she is nice, she'll take the hint."
by colton the flying monkey April 28, 2011
Something meghan knows nothing about
Meghan you're not a nice person.
by donkeyteeth69 March 13, 2015
something that people say about someone or something that's kind and respectable


something that people say when they have no idea what to say or don't care at all about what you are saying to them.
Person: "So I ate a really good doughnut today!"

Me: "Oh... nice......"
by me.myself.and.eye February 11, 2015
Nice, awesome.
That was a Nice person.

Ah, very awesome, nice.
by NiceNice February 26, 2013
Drunk, wasted, buzzed, tipsy, high.
"Drunk in Love" by Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Verse 3: Jay-Z "I'm nice right now."
by presto_ktd March 13, 2015
Used as a statement revealing un-enthusiasm or sarcasm when talking over the internet. Deliberately de-capitalized, whether at the beginning of a sentence or not, to show the extent of un-enthusiasm or sarcasm trying to be conveyed.
Girl 1: I totally just fucked your ex.

Girl 2: nice.
by GanjaMonster November 01, 2010
An expression meaning Nigger, I Cut Elephants.
"Hey Karan who's laughing now"
by rednaxela noslen May 05, 2010

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