Used as a response, to punctuate the severity of what is currently being spoken by the other person. Akin to saying "WTF", or "holy shit".
"So I'm riding down the highway, and the tire blows out on my bike."


"As if that wasn't enough, it got hit by a passing car on the shoulder!"

by D. Gould August 07, 2008
The act of expressing ones personal opinion's towards something being funny or awkward.
Person 1: "You Ass face!"
Person 2: "Im not an ass face you are."
Person 3: "Nice"
by Rory July 20, 2004
to be under the influence of marijuana

(it does not mean to be drunk!!)
i got mad nice off that blunt
by JimmyMoon February 23, 2004
Used to describe something that is great. Made popular and used by wankers who have watched the film 'Human Traffic'
twat1: Nice one brother
twat2: Fukin nice one
twat1: Nice one!
twat2: Nice one!
by iguanapunk May 23, 2004

Used to express either extreme satisfaction or slight sarcasm

see awesome and cool
Wow did you see that leet headshot, that was nice!
lol... 0-40, nice record dude!
by Jack Mizerak November 24, 2003
Most definately not Mark McCabe
What's a definition of nice?
Most definately not Mark McCabe
by Jen April 12, 2005
Verb -To be nice
To rape someone (or just excessively wet willy them) and try to convince them that it's nice and they should like it.
Victim: WTF?!
Rapist: This is nice. It hurts now but it will feel nice soon. Shhh don't tell anyone or i won't be nice to you anymore. I've been nice to all your friends and family...
Victim: I don't like this
Rapist: Stop lying it's nice. EVERYONE is doing it. Shhh... SHHHHHH! IT'S NICE I PROMISE **wet willy** See isn't this nice? Yes it's niiiiiice (:
by Silalalalaa August 15, 2008

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